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Meet the Team

This is our Gurley & Associates team. Stop by our office to meet us in person, or contact us with the information below.

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Kristine Gurley

Founder, CEO, Certified Agent

Phone: 228-493-2028

Email: Kristine@gurleyassoc.com


 Charlotte Nealey

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 228-344-3126


Email: Charlotte@gurleyassoc.com

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Lisa Critchfield

Trusted Advisor

Phone: 228-304-1402

Email: Lisa@gurleyassoc.com

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Ashleigh Reece

Trusted Advisor

Phone: 228-671-7605

Email: Ashleigh@gurleyassoc.com


Kelly Corbin

Trusted Advisor

Phone: 228-596-9152

Email: Kelly@gurleyassoc.com


Cassidy Holland

Trusted Advisor

Phone: 228-224-4919

Email: Cassidy@gurleyassoc.com